What is The Ticket Plug™ Family Tree?

At The Ticket Plug™ our extended network of brokers, fans, business owners, community leaders, students, and supporters make up The Ticket Plug™ Family Tree.  TTP seeks to provide resources and experiences beyond the traditional buying & selling within the ticketing industry to:

 1. Promote a positive perception and raise public awareness on fair ticketing commerce.

    2. Create more economic opportunities.

3. Support others in our community.

What's included in The Ticket Plug™ Family Tree?

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The Ticket Plug™ Tuesday (Ticket Sweepstakes Program)

Community Outreach & Empowerment

Community Investments, Endorsements, & Sponsorships

Business Family: Associates, Partners, & Affiliates

Charitable Donations

Financial Empowerment Programs


How can I be apart of The Ticket Plug™ Family Tree?

If you would like to be included in The Ticket Plug™ Family Tree or have questions/concerns, email FamilyTree@TheTicketPlug.com.